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Rooted in Awareness: A Mindful Eating Practice

4 monthly payments of $89.00
- OR - Single payment of $319.00 (save $37.00)

I am so excited to introduce Rooted in Awareness: A Mindful Eating Practice -- a small group mindful eating experience.

Each week we will discuss a principle/aspect of mindful eating. During the week, we will practice that principle. When we come together the following week, we will share our experiences, celebrate our successes, overcome obstacles, and remove roadblocks with each other.

Benefits of Doing This Work:

-- Let go of food anxiety, stress, and preoccupation with diet culture

-- Create awareness and bring in curiosity

-- Learn to truly enjoy your food

-- Eat anything you want without guilt or shame

-- Feel empowered and confident in your body and around food

-- Experience peace with food and your body

-- Increase your energy and vitality for life

-- Experience true joy and pleasure when eating

-- Discover which foods feel best in your individual body

-- Look at your relationship with food from a new perspective and gain insights in your unconscious beliefs about food and your body

-- Release thoughts and beliefs around food that are no longer serving you

-- Create new thoughts and beliefs that cultivate a peaceful and empowered relationship with food and your body

-- Explore new concepts with the help of a small group of like-minded people

-- Receive individualized, personal guidance when you are feeling stuck or uncertain

-- Learn from each other's experiences and insights

-- Develop friendships and a support system that will hopefully continue outside the group

-- Practice full loving and nourishing yourself through true self-care

-- And that's just to name a few!!

How It Works:

This is a 16-week program. Each week we will have a one-hour small group coaching video call via Zoom at a mutually-agreed-upon time. (Same day/time each week.) Your active, live participation is encouraged to get the most out of the group. Participating via video on your computer or device is encouraged so that group members can get to know each other and feel more connected as a group. The calls will be recorded so that you can view a second time, or to watch at a later time if you are unable to attend one week.

There will also be a private Facebook group for communicating as desired with the group during the week as desired.

The group will be capped at only 8 people to keep it intimate and cohesive. If more than 8 people want to participate, then we will divide into two groups, based on time availability.

What's the Investment?

The investment to participate in the group is $89/month for four months, or $319 if you decide to pay all at once. If for some reason you are unable to continue with the group, you may cancel before the beginning of the next month. (There are no refunds for previous month’s paid.)

We are so excited for you to join us!

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